Finland – Release Me

So Darude and Sebastian Rejman (it would be da-RUDE of me not to mention the singer, ha ha ha) just released the first song of three that are vying to be Finland’s entry into Eurovision.

The subtitle of this song is (in my poor world of Google auto translate) “A Giving Father’s Surrender Request” which was kind of a surprise.

And then I saw the video:

Well, I half-saw the video, because about 30 seconds in there is a shot of Darude’s son drawing a picture of his dad at work and it looks like the only thing his kid remembers him as well for is Sandstorm. Which is really, really sad when you consider:
1. He’s Darude’s own child! His flesh and blood! The fruit of his loins! (Ewww, I know)
2. He’s what, 8 years old tops? What 8 year old knows Sandstorm? It’s not a song that parents are regularly playing around the house. And even if Darude’s kid did hear Sandstorm, how is he going to distinguish that from any of his other songs?

I couldn’t really concentrate on the song after wondering about the relationship between Darude and his child and how it would probably be better if Darude focused less on seeming like a bigshot DJ and more on making his kid pancakes or something.

Also, I couldn’t concentrate on the song because it’s deathly deathly boring. Sebastian floatily sings “Release Me” and then some other stuff happens that I can’t remember even after watching the video twice because I’m still so hung up on the broken relationship between Darude and his son.

You know what, Darude? Maybe it would be good if you sent Sebastian with an iPod to Tel Aviv? He can press play and you can spend some time playing catch with your kid, because in a video YOU JUST MADE for a SONG YOU JUST WROTE it seems like he would really appreciate that.

Final thought (aside from, Darude, hug your kid more) – this is in no way going to Tel Aviv.

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