Songvakeppnin – Second Semifinal predictions

Am I writing about Iceland’s second semi as an excuse to post another picture of Hatari? Maybe.

Because let’s be clear – there’s nothing in the second round that comes close to the power of everyone’s favourite BDSM anti-capitalists.

So what’s on tap?

Elli grill, Skaði og Glymur – Jeijó, keyrum alla leið

This song suffers from the Eye Cue paradox, in that in putting five different genres in one song just makes it seem endless. There’s a wonderful female vocal, a soccer-style chant chorus, and then what sounds like a cameo from Chucky. It’s awful.

I know that it’s supposed to be the ‘alternative’ song in this semifinal, but this is like some dank stash bad trip EDM alternative that is wearing JNCO jeans and a Korn shirt. If this goes through to the final, fine, because Iceland manages to stretch out four songs into two hours, and I’m going to need a bathroom break.

Ívar Daníels – Þú bætir mig

Okay, I can get behind Icelandic country music, and it might be nice to see a country other than the Netherlands send a country song (especially since the UK biffed their chance to do so last week.)

A lot will depend on how this is staged on the night – it might fade into the background, especially considering how low-budget Songvakeppnin can feel.

Heiðrún Anna – Helgi

Okay, aside from Hatari, this is my favourite song in the competition. It’s a whimsical indie pop banger sung by a winsome female singer? 1990s me would have been all over this song.

However, I’m also really worried about the way this will translate to a live performance. The studio version sounds great, but I will never forget how Hildur managed to turn a banger of a song into a limp noodle on the stage.

Given Iceland’s love of traditional big vocals or absolute batshit cray, I don’t think that Heiðrún’s chances are that strong on Saturday, but what do I know? Iceland, pleasantly surprise me, please.

Tara Mobee – Betri án þín

Tara Mobee has released a song that never seems to find its footing. One minute, it’s a breezy Sheryl Crow style song that turns into a club banger that then goes back into a subdued acoustic track. It never builds, just swaps back and forth between its schizophrenic halves, and as much as I like Tara Mobee’s capable voice, this song is not going anywhere. Please enter next year with a better song, Tara!

Friðrik Ómar – Hvað ef ég get ekki elskað?


I mean, I know that this is likely going to win on the night, because it’s a big man ballad that provides big voice moments for a beloved Icelandic star.

But that gospel choir at the beginning? And the end? NO.

How are you going to replicate that at Eurovision with five backup singers?
(You can’t)

And what are you going to replace the choir with? More vocal fripperies?


I think that Heidrun and Ivar SHOULD win.

I expect that Fridrik will win, and honestly can’t tell you who will come in second.

Hopefully, whoever does win will get crushed by Hatari in the final. Hatred will prevail!

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