Italy – Soldi

So RUV finally put up all their videos from Songvakeppnin so I can catch up, and yet, somehow, the only thing I want to listen to is…

…Soldi. (Soldi clap clap)

For those of us like me who don’t have the endurance to sit through five nights of San Remo, this song snuck up on us.

If you had told me that I’d be solidly stanning a lowkey Italian banger about the issues that money brings into family life, I would probably have believed you because it’s Eurovision and anything can happen.

But it’s a tour de force of songwriting. I think back to Germany’s insipid ballad about a dad’s death last year, and then compare it to this song, where Mahmood is singing about his estrangement with his father, and wow. There actually is no comparison. Mahmood’s managed to give a beautifully melodic kiss off to his father.

After last year, when I seemed to be the only person in Europe who found Italy’s entry to be shouty and glib when handling issues of great personal tragedy, I’m glad to see a deeply personal and original song winning Sanremo this year.

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