And the good news from last night

While there was some heartbreak on Saturday, it wasn’t absolute devastation.

First, Iceland did the right thing and voted for HATARI!

Yes, everyone’s favorite bondage band is one step closer to their goal of wrestling Netanyahu, as Hatari WON the first semi-final of Songvakeppnin. Let’s hope this bodes well for their success in the final.

Over in Ukraine, Maruv was like, ‘You want to put on a controversial show, Iceland? Challenge accepted!’

Yup, that’s butt as bongos. I like this song, but I think I would like it better if the performance focused more on the pleasure of the women. I don’t think there are any boys out there who would know what do with Maruv’s aggressively oozing sexuality, because she’d eat them up like a black widow spider. STILL, Ukraine is this much closer to sending a banger.

Italy’s San Remo festival (which I completely missed because I need my sleep) concluded with a win for Mahmood’s Soldi:

A banger from Italy? YASSSSS. Love the hand claps. Love even more that this beat a piano ballad. It’s what counts for an unsafe choice from Italy. I’ve listened to this about five times this morning, and can’t wait to mess up the handclaps in public.

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