I Will Remember You: Another Saturday of Losses

So this weekend, I’ve been spending my Saturday night Eurovision a little differently than usual – instead of being snuggled up in a duvet with about five different device screens steaming around me, I actually went to Malmo, Sweden to watch a show live (and tried to follow five different shows at the same time on my one device.)

While being in Sweden has its benefits (namely, being in an arena where everyone knows the words to Shuffla and is lustily singing along), the change in beautiful and frigid scenery does not mean that the pain of Eurovision losses is any less apparent.

I missed pretty much all of Australia Decides, although I did catch this performance of 2000 and Whatever on a small Twitter screen without sound:

And it still completely shook me. I can’t believe how good Electric Fields are, and also how close they came to winning. It was the first disappointment of the day.

Vidbir started next, and sadly, the insane puppet cabaret ЦеШо failed to make it through to the finals:

Although I’m still optimistic about Vidbir because both Maruv and Yuko turned in some pretty batshit performances and made it through to the finals, so weirdness reigns in Kyiv.

A Dal continues to disappoint me. After yesyes heard my pleas and went back to having their lead singer strap on the accordion and play it until his hair gets mussed, they failed to make the finals. COME ON, A DAL.

Who could resist that crazy accordion dancing? Making it even worse is the fact that yesyes lost to THIS GUY, who scored inexplicably high with the juries:

Jason Mraz has a lot to answer for.

In Sweden, I watched Oscar Enestad’s performance go down like a lead balloon in the arena (although it sounded a LOT BETTER live than it does on this video):

I think I was the only person who loved it (I loved it. I loved it loved it loved it.) The affection of the teen audience seems to have shifted from this now-adult boy band member (probably because they know he prefers older women) to the wonderful Malou, whose performance of I Do Me is currently leading as my favourite to win Eurovision.

Of course, the real shocker of the night was Margaret, the Polish Rihanna, losing in this round.

While she had some technical glitches in the performance, she did not deserve to go out the way she did. Of course, it’s not like the VT did her any help, as she was portraryed as a sad workaholic who just wanted to spend time with her dogs. Margaret, I still love you, and I’m proud of you for reversing the trend of Swedes exporting singers to other countries.

I haven’t even been through Montenegro and Lithuania yet to figure out what other gems we lost this evening, but please, approach your Eurofan friends with caution and be prepared to lend a shoulder to cry on.

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