Sweden – I Miss You Like Crazy

So on the exact same week that Felix Sandman’s old FO&O bandmate was making his Melfest solo debut, Felix dropped the video for the latest single from his new album:

We all agree that Felix Sandman is the current reigning champion of the breakup song, right? He hits me in the feels every single time I listen to one of his songs.

And then I watch one of his videos:

Now, while Felix Sandman may always make my heart break with his singing, he always – ALWAYS – makes me crack up with his dancing. So watching one of his videos is a really hard thing to do, because I’m constantly being bounced back and forth between the sadness entering my ears and the hilarity entering my eyes.

In this video, Felix not only engages in some amazing dancing, but he strips naked and paints himself blue. If this isn’t a plea to ditch the singing career and join a long-running Off-Broadway show, I don’t know what is.

Felix, never change. You’re the goofiest and saddest pop star out there, and I miss you in Melfest this year.

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