Eurovision You Decide – Preview



I’m using a picture of SuRie to illustrate this post because I remember that when last year’s You Decide happened, I was all about Asana’s Legends, and then ended up being captivated by SuRie on the evening. By May, I was a total SuRie stan, and now I would walk over coals to protect her from another stage invader.

That’s me trying to make the best of tonight’s situation, which features 3 songs sung two different ways by some talented artists who have been given the very wrong end of the stick.

I don’t want to be snarky, because I feel like it’s the fault of the BBC in setting us up to fail, not any of these artists who are being asked to sell what are really subpar offerings.

Also, I don’t know that I am excited about having the choices prior to televote made by the judges who, aside from Rylan, I don’t trust at all.

And with Edward Af Sillen off writing Melodifestivalen again this year, I have no idea whether the Mel and Mans banter is going to be any good. (Bless both of them, who will make it fun no matter what.)

TL;DR – My money is on Hatari.

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