Slovenia – Sebi

Yay! Another woman in Eurovision! And she’s singing the type of synth-heavy electropop I love. Let’s watch the stage performance:

Um, guys? Is anyone else as uncomfortable as I am watching this? There’s nothing graphic about this. Zala and Gaspar are quite modestly dressed. And I can’t understand the lyrics of the song, but there’s certainly nothing in it like Maduv’s Siren Song.

So what’s making me want to listen to this song without the visuals? The performance is remarkably intimate. Zala and Gaspar seem to be tuned into each other, and not anyone in the audience. I feel like I’ve walked in on a private moment in a practice room and just want to apologise and walk out.

So while I love Slovenia’s public for choosing such an unconventional song, I’d either like Zala and Gasper to get a room or change the staging of this song to welcome us into their own private world.

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