What to watch tonight

So after last night’s Unser Lied fur Israel shock win by S!sters (god this is going to ruin my spell check every time), we’ve got yet another Saturday filled with delightful performances. So what should you be spending your time watching?

Ukraine: Vidbir National Final
Skip it. Save yourself the aggravation. It’s going to be 15 hours long, and unless you’re a huge Bilal fan, it’s something you can follow on Twitter. Follow, that is, until the entire site gets brought down by a collective wail of WHHHHHHYYYYY the moment that Maruv does not win. (Don’t get me wrong! I HOPE she’ll win, but come on – it’s 2019 Eurovision season, when it doesn’t pay to have favourites.)

Hungary: A Dal National Final
Skip it. We’ve had weeks and weeks of A Dal, and have seen each of these performances at least twice. The only real reason to tune in is to see what extra pyrotechnics Kulcs have added to their performance. I don’t know if I can take watching my puppy-eyed Gergo Szerker lose this one.

Denmark – Dansk Melodi Grand Prix
On one hand, it’s a national final where we haven’t seen any of these performances live, so it’s a chance to see something entirely new and unexpected. On the other hand, it’s Denmark, where the only draw is Julie and Nina and their attempt to bring Greenlandic to Eurovision. Can your battered fan heart really take another favourite losing a National Final against such bland material?

Lithuania – Eurovizijos Atranka
Skip it. Monika Marija has been working to wrap this thing up, and right now, the only draw is to see what Alen Chicco might be wearing in the final.

Sweden – Melodifestivalen
Watch it! Sweden knows how to put on a show, so this is going to clock in at a handy 90 minutes, and whatever Pagan Fury bring are going to be a delight to watch.

Portugal – Festival da Cancao
Hmmm. Watch it, because it comes on after everything else is over! And yes, I know that Conan Osiris was last week, but let’s remember – this week, we’ve got Surma, the baby-voiced growler whose song is less of an actual song than Conan’s.

Oh, who are we kidding. We all know that I’m going to be glued to streams for six hours tonight. Watch them all! Let’s all cry together when our favorites don’t win!

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