Portugal – Festival da Cancao final predictions

Portugal’s entries tend to fall into two categories – the melodic lullabys, and then the truly strange.

It’s clear which one of those categories needs to win Eurovision.

Sure, Portugal could send the elegant Matay, who sings a sweet ode that wouldn’t be out of place on a Disney soundtrack:

It could send NBC, whose soulful song is actually a plea for equality in two languages:

It could send the modern electronic bliss track Inercia, which is not so much sung as floated by Ana Claudia:

But let’s be honest. We want to keep Portugal weird.

I want Portugal to send something like Surma’s Pugma, which barely even qualifies as a song:

But of course, the big favorite is Conan Osiris, and I am a huge fan.

Can you imagine how much this is going to blow the minds of everyone who hasn’t bothered to pay any attention to Eurovision until the night itself? Twitter will be flooded with a ton of WTF reactions. And that’s because they haven’t lived with Eurovision like we have! This song is truly for the fans, the people who watch national finals hoping that some amazing entry like this is going to come up and succeed.

Portugal, you know what to do.

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