Austria – Hit Me (or Hey, has anyone checked in to make sure Conchita’s okay?)

Peeps, I’m a little worried about Conchita.

They’ve released two absolute bangers in the past few weeks – Hit Me and Trash All the Glam.

I get Trash All the Glam – with Conchita’s new look that brings a bearded sissy walk to athleisure and gimp suits, they’re unveiling a new persona that doesn’t rely quite so much on spangles and heels. To this, I say yay! It’s always fun to see how artists change their looks to fit their current moods.

But Hit Me has me a bit worried. Has someone hurt Conchita? I mean, the lyrics read like a standard breakup song, but the video? I feel like they’ve been hurt- physically hurt – and are now becoming more visibly butch as a reaction to that.

I mean, I have no doubt that Conchita can take on the bearded and tattooed man on the other side of the table, but I’d just like someone to give her a call and make sure that everything is OK.

Anyone up for inviting Conchita to brunch this weekend so we can talk it out over bottomless mimosas?

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