Serbia – Kruna

Continuing our trawl through Semifinal 1, it’s time to look at Serbia’s entry Kruna:

Nevena, forgive me. I know that you’ve got a long history with Eurovision. And I know that you’re wearing some of the most interesting jewelry in this year’s competition. But I keep forgetting about your song. I mean, part of that was that it wasn’t on Spotify for ages. But it’s mainly because it’s a generic power ballad. Yes, I appreciate the guitar hook you’ve thrown in. I know that you’ve added the “Everything for You” hook to remind me of where we are in the song. But none of it works.

And looking at the translation of the lyrics, I’m also disappointed. It’s all about how Nevena is protecting someone who will be wearing a crown. But unless this song is about how Nevena is a trained bodyguard who wears jewelry that doubles as weapons at the coronation ball, I am not interested.

I’m not in a position to judge the sacrifices you want to make in your life, especially since I’m not seeing who you are accepting this crown for, but haven’t you ever wondered what it would be like if YOU decided to wear the crown?

FINAL VERDICT: Bathroom break.It’s going to be a woman with a big voice in a big gown and unless Nevena ends up throwing her body between an assassin shooting a poison-tipped arrow and someone wearing a crown, there is no way that they can zhuzh this song up enough to make it interesting.

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