United Kingdom – Bigger Than Us

I’ve been warming to Michael Rice throughout Eurovision season. I mean, his song is the type of Christmas season treacle that appears over Tesco adverts, but the man’s got a voice. And when he’s not singing, that voice has a charming Hartlepool accent that mispronounces things like Tel Aviv and delights in telling reporters about what amazing foodstuff he’s recently tried, like falafel. He owns a waffle shop, for goodness sake!

But I didn’t really start stanning this song until the video was released:

And suddenly the tears started pouring from my eyes! I mean, the tears were pouring the same way I cry over Christmas adverts, because my heartstrings are being pulled by master media manipulators. But with results like this, I’m willing to be manipulated.

STEM promotion! Baby Michael Rice loving astronomy! A relationship that looks like it’s going to be romantic but is just about best buds in the end! Gay dads! Clear class stratification! And through it all, Michael Rice just sitting on a field beaming his sweet sweet persona right into all of our hearts.

FINAL VERDICT: Look, Michael Rice isn’t going to have anything in his staging that makes me react so strongly to his video. But what he will have is his voice. There are plenty of ballad boys in Eurovision, but none of them sings quite as strongly as Michael Rice does, and despite his clearly choreographed stage moves, he’s going to belt everyone off the stage. Not a pee break moment at all!

P.S. – I just realised I’m writing about the English UK entry on St. George’s Day and it is just a coincidence! If I had thought ahead I would be reviewing Sergey Lazarev’s song because Scream really is about killing dragons!

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