Switzerland – Dirty Dancing

Yes, yes, I have just skipped a large chunk of Semifinal 1 entries and jumped straight into Semifinal 2, but I have questions.

The latest OGAE poll has come out and it has Luca Hanni’s She Got Me (which pales in comparison to Stella and Alexandra’s You Got Me) at the top of the charts.

Yes, THIS Luca Hanni, performing THIS song:

And folks, I have to admit – I don’t get it. It’s a basic dance banger performed by a basic bearded boy (okay, perhaps one who’s a little bit better about that manicured jawline than others) and yet there’s something in it which is making people absolutely lose their minds.

I am a connoisseur of the bop. My days are spent listening to various high BPM dance beats running through my head. We’ve got some glorious ones in the Eurovision contest this year, including Norway’s Frozen fever dream, Cyprus and its 808-mentioning banger, and Michaela’s audacious Chameleon, which exists as if Boy George was just a wisp on the wind.

And yet. And yet – the banger that’s making people go crazy is THIS ONE?

I honestly don’t get it.

I mean, the only distinguishing factor between this banger and the others mentioned above is that it’s performed by a man. Just a man. No vaginas around, no siree!

Look, I don’t think the Eurovision community is sexist. I’ve seen us champion Netta and Jamala and Bojana and Polina and a whole host of other women.

But I can’t figure out what makes She Got Me so special, aside from Luca Hanni’s very cis male beardy boy good looks. And while I appreciate thirst, this song is like ignoring the glasses of water in front of you for a glass of water with a sprig of mint.

If anyone can explain their love for this song in a way that doesn’t involve that carefully curated facial hair, please explain it to me @dudepoints on Twitter. I genuinely am interested in getting to the bottom of this mystery!

FINAL VERDICT: People love this song; I don’t see it. It’s certainly worth watching on the night to see if Luca Hanni can nail both vocals and dance moves. It’s worth watching even more to see if the general public love this as much as the Eurofandom does.

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