Beard bracket matchup 3: Joci vs Kobi!

In Beard Bracket 3, we’ve got a matchup betweeing returning Eurovision participant Juicy Papi from Hungary and sacrificial Israeli contestant Kobi Marimi.

Joci Papai

Joci has the type of beard you can cry into. It’s a beard made for campfires and folk songs. The beard carries the pain of its ancestors as well as the determination to create a better future for one’s children (because you better believe this beard will get you pregnant).

Joci’s beard is a little too serious for me. I can’t imagine going to brunch with this beard, or a comedy show, or anything fun, and as a recovering depressive, the last thing I need is a beard enabling my misery.

(Image courtesy TV2)

Kobi Marimi

Kobi’s beard is part of a clearly constructed look, the look of a man who accessorises a light wash buttoned up denim jacket with a bow tie and a silver necklace.

This look says: “My stubble shows I’m cool, but my clothes say I’m not.”

This is the beard of a man who is confident that he has it all together, the beard of a man with friends who are too polite to tell him he does NOT have it all together.

(Image courtesy Ronen Ackerman)

WINNER: Look, I’m not particularly enamored of either beard here, but if I have to choose, I’m going for Kobi Marimi. He has a beard that’s decisive and makes choices – not always good choices, but choices nonetheless.

Who do you pick?

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