Beard bracket 7: Serhat vs. Miki

Man, here is another tough matchup! The world’s sexiest dentist versus the world’s sexiest frat boy! Who will prevail?

Screenshot 2019-04-14 at 13.25.01


You know what I love most about Serhat’s scruff? It’s a great complement to his chrome dome up top. It’s like he decided to start shaving his head when he started going bald and just couldn’t bother with the rest.

The look is, of course, like everything else with Serhat, absolute perfection.
We’ve had so many beards that just feel like an afterthought and it’s so refreshing to see a beard that is a clearly well thought out complement to an absolute look.

Serhat, you are beautiful and fine.

Screenshot 2019-05-03 at 08.32.05.png

Look, I get that Miki keeps getting more swol each time we see him, and keeps wearing less each time we see him, and that by the time he takes to the Eurovision stage he’ll just be in a cropped tank top and a jock strap. I can see why people think he’s sex on wheels.

But in terms of beards, Miki’s is…halfhearted at best. It looks like the beard of a man who forgot to shave on his way to the gym. It’s a MEH beard on a great chin.

WINNER: If I have to choose one of these beards, it’s going to be Serhat. I’m old. I’m ancient by Eurovision fan standards. And the thought of being pampered by a well-dressed rich man is far more appealing than the youthful vigor and enthusiasm of Eurovision’s golden retriver, Miki.

But that’s my thought – what’s your choice?
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Photo of Serhat by Cem Talu. Photo of Miki by José Irún

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