Beard bracket 6: Conan vs. Sergey


I really don’t see how anyone can beat Conan Osiris.

Usually, his beard looks like this:

Screenshot 2019-05-02 at 08.43.11.png

(taken from the fantastic video found here which I watch hypnotically in a loop)

But when Conan performs, he actually adds another, metal beard:

Screenshot 2019-05-02 at 08.40.57.png

He LITERALLY double beards it. That is a high standard of beard dedication.


Sergey Lazarev

Is Sergey even in the contest this year? He released a song and then went on tour for his massively successful career in other places.

And I feel like Sergey’s beard is just as unobtrusive as he is. It’s well-trimmed. It’s kempt. It hints at a dangerous side without going so far as to actually be dangerous. It’s the carefully controlled beard of a carefully controlled man.

I wouldn’t underestimate this beard, but neither would I give the beard kudos for merely being a beard from a powerhouse nation.

WINNER Conan by a mile. His beard is free and unpredictable, something that doesn’t chance with the whims of fashion, while Sergey’s beard is there as a marketing decision.

But who would you vote for?

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Sergey photo courtesy of Daniel Velichko

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