Beard bracket number 5! D Mol vs. Duncan

Well, after what was for me the most fraught poll in history, we now calm down to something a bit better: that guy from D Mol vs. the Netherland’s most famous Nether Man, Duncan Laurence.

D Mol
Imagine waking up in a quaint cottage somewhere in the countryside. The sun is warm on your face. You pull on a robe and go outside to breath in the fresh air. And then you see him:

Screenshot 2019-05-01 at 08.24.06

He’s made you coffee, and you sit there peacefully, head against his shoulder, as you listen to the birds around you. It’s a wonderful start to the morning.

But after five minutes, he gets up and says, “Let’s get going! We’ve got to meet the rest of the gang down by the beach!”

Screenshot 2019-05-01 at 08.24.42

And then you remember that he tags along with five friends who NEVER GO AWAY. They’re always singing, and laughing about in-jokes from high school, and making everyone go away for these dumb group outings like paintball and rally cars and minigolf and my god no one spends an afternoon just reading a book curled up on the sofa.

That’s what you’re going to be getting with D Mol beards.

Screenshot 2019-05-01 at 08.25.25

Duncan Laurence

Look, we all know that none of us are looking at Duncan’s beard. Even when we’re looking at his beard, we’re thinking about his butt.

WINNER I actually don’t have any strong opinions about this matchup, because both D Mol and Duncan are waaaaay waaaay down on any beard bracket, and will likely get tossed out in the second round anyway.

But what about you? What do you think? Vote here:
[yop_poll id=5]

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