Sweden – Left and Right

One of the joys of this year’s Melodifestivalen was the emergence of the pop princess Malou Prytz, who went Direkt to Final with an upbeat, Clueless-influenced, kiss off of a song. So I’ve been really excited to see her follow up:

Hmm. Am I the only one to think that there is a massive tonal disconnect here? The song sounds like something that’s a party banger that’s churned out by Margaret to be played at clubs around Sweden, but the video?

The video is a Wes Anderson film – a mix of Moonlight Kingdom and the Royal Tannenbaums, by the look of it. Going by the visuals alone, the video should be a twee plinky guitar ballad, or something in French, or an obscure jazz standard, not some vaguely J Balvin- influenced pop.

At any rate, I love this song on Spotify and this video on mute and I hope that someday, the songwriters and directors working on Malou’s career might grab a coffee to figure out the overall directorial vision before it gets to this dissonant end. MALOU DESERVES BETTER.

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