What propaganda has Tornike been listening to?

So I finally got around to listening to Tornike Kipiani’s Take Me as I Am, and the first thing I have to say is:


There are clearly some backup singers in here who have a large part in Tornike’s song, but who are they? We’ll never know! Maybe she wants to you try gender equity like an Icelandic person, Tornike.

At any rate, I like this song, but I’m left completely baffled by its characterisations of nationalities. Where did Tornike get his idea of what every country is good at? Because if she wants you to talk like an Englishman, it could be this:

Or it could be this:

And who says that French hommes have the market cornered on smelling good? I mean, this Englishman smells pretty good:

And if we’re talking about dressing, I don’t tend to think of Italians. I mean, I tend to think of this:

Come to think of it, if we’re talking about players, I don’t think of any European at all. I think of an American:

(Seriously, I don’t even know what he means by “playing like a German. I thought the stereotype of Germans was efficient and humourless. If this is a football analogy, Tornike, you’re making it in the WRONG CONTEST.)

So Tornike, I like your song, but you need to show your homework. Give us footnotes. Give us Wikipedia entries. Don’t just rely on some Georgian beliefs and expect we’ll all be able to follow along. And no, asking for some more context doesn’t mean I’m not taking you as you are!

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