Thank you, National Final Season!

It’s been a pretty bleak couple of days, what with racists/bots/trolls popping up in the fandom, an interminable wait for revamps, and the looming spectre of COVID-19 hanging over the fandom.

And I think it’s time for all of us to get a pep talk.

We have had a great ride since January, y’all.

Let’s think about what we’ve experienced together:
– Me Tana,the ultimate Albanian tampon advertisement
– Lithuanian basketball players
– Gabrielus Vagelis and an increasingly bizarre series of staging concepts
– Nanne Gronvall!
– The joy of seeing Tom Leeb on the Eiffel Tower for THAT song
– Pasha Parfeni
– Rein Alexander’s viking cosplay
– Synne Valtri’s schlager sea shanties
– Samanta Tina and her pure chaos energy
– Polyester!
– Markus Riva (who didn’t have such a great season, but deserves appreciation for all the joy that he brings us)
– Everything about Vidbir, from Jerry Heil to Fo Sho to Torchvi
– The fact that there are so many great artists of colour appearing this year
– The collective fandom discourse around We Love Poop, hate them though I do
– Almost everything about Finland and their amazing female artists
– The fact that Ben and Tan’s YES makes me cry tears of joy
– All of our jokes about the Sam Remo staircase
– Tinziano Ferri
– The sexual tension between Boss Doms and Achille Lauro
– The joy of Tactical Nuclear Penguins
– Monika Marija’s hair and how it just seemed to go on for MILES
– Erika Vikman’s bears
– Klemen’s excellent cover of Arcade, and then his even better cover of all of
Slovenia’s entries
– Blue ass pants
– Anis Don Demina’s party starting
– The fact we almost got Lake Malawi back this year
– Jakob Karlberg’s banger
– Eden coming from Israel to give us a serve
– Victor Crone’s weather powers
– That Hatari performance

These are just a few of the things I’m thankful for this season – what are yours?

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