Take a deep breath and touch grass

People. Stop. Just stop.

This is not the “worst Eurovision ever.”

Look, you don’t have to like every song. You don’t even have to listen to every song! I myself have listened to Switzerland’s entry for a sum total of less than 3 minutes. I realised that it wasn’t for me, tweeted some shitposts about it coming out on International Women’s Day, and then went back to doodling staging concepts for Achille Lauro in my notebook.

But to claim that this is the worst year ever on 10 March? Before we’ve gotten all the songs? Or seen any staging for some acts? Or heard some of the live performances at a pre-party? PLEASE.

In May, the City of Turin is going to fall under the spell of fairy dust, and everything will suddenly…become…magical. Songs we decried as joke songs will cause us to pump our fists and dance in the arena. The ballads are going to be elevated with a single spotlight. I, for one, fully plan on crying my eyes out to Poland’s sadboi anthem, even though I haven’t been bothered to listen to it on Spotify once.

And even before Turin, look at all the good things that have happened this year. San Remo delivered (and San Marino was also there doing a similar format)! We got the exceedingly high quality Benidorm Fest, and an absolute banger of a NF from France. We got the first post-Christer Melfest with an excellent host in Oscar Zia, and exciting interval acts each week. And then there was Ireland, which was entertaining in an experimental Eurovision selection comprised of a jury who had clearly never watched Eurovision!

Oh, and if you wanted drama, there was DRAMA. Someone forgetting the words in Germany! Reasons to yell at the juries in multiple countries! The ending of Australia Decides, where neither the audience or jury favourite went through!

In fact, if there’s any complaint I’d have about Eurovision, it’s that it’s all SO MUCH this year. I’ve been barely able to keep up with all the NFs this year, which now take place on multiple weeknights. But again, if my complaint is that I’ve got too much of a good thing, boo hoo me!

So take a deep breath. It’s early. But somehow, Eurovision always ends up turning out right.

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