Albania: Sekret by Ronela Hajati

Semifinal 1 is going to open with a BANG, y’all!

Ronela Hajati can sing. Ronela Hajati can rap. Ronela Hajati can dance. In fact, about the only thing Ronela Hajati can’t do is pretend that she’s not annoyed when the sound is off at a Eurovison pre-party.

I know that there’s likely going to be filler between the opening of the show and Ronela coming on stage – Italy is hosting, after all, and they’re known for a lackadasical approach to timekeeping in their song contests. But on Tuesday May 10, I would suggest that you be in front of your television promptly at 21:00 CET so as not to miss a second of Miss Ronela’s performance.

What’s the song about? Illicit affairs with hot Albanian dudes who are all jacked from living in the mountains. But it doesn’t matter. Ronela could be singing about her yoga instructor putting her hands on her body, and I’d still love this song. The way that she authoritatively stomps “MA KA LON MA KA LON” all over the stage – well, as the kids would say: Ronela Hajati, you have an open invitation to step on my neck.

The song is slightly *too* messy to win – although Ronela does everything to the highest standard, there is also a LOT going on. But that’s what makes it the perfect song to start the show. Within three minutes of starting (okay, 30 minutes is probably more accurate), the collective adrenaline of Europe is going to be jacked sky high into Party Mode.

If only it would stay there! But that’s a criticism for another review.

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