Lithuania – Sentimentai by Monika Liu

Watch out, viewers – Monika Liu has released the hottest Eurovision song of 1977.

I know that seems mean. I KNOW. But it’s not.

In the year of our Loreen 10 (10 years after she won the contest; that’s how I date things now), Monika Liu has charmed us all with a wholly retro presentation – disco song, disco ball dress, even Peggy Fleming 70’s hair straight from Studio 54. And it all makes sense – when singing a wistful song about sentimental memories, what better way to demonstrate it than to be the physical embodiment of all those memories?

Here’s my worry – despite her absolute landslide victory in Pabandom Is Naujo, the Lithuanian selection competition, I don’t know if people tuning in on the night will *get* it.

This song (and Monika herself) are a total vibe. But they’re a vibe in Lithuanian. And considering the success that out-of-the-box solo female vocalists have had in Eurovision (Ester Peony, Samanta Tina, Paenda, the list goes on), I am a little bit worried!

It’s hard for me to describe the charm of this song, of Monika Liu’s deliberately retro aesthetic combined with the lightheartedness of a woman who has exhorted Eurovision crowds to “shake their butts.” But I’m utterly enchanted, and I know that other Eurovision fans are as well. If only we could spray that excitement to the millions of people who will be watching at home, wondering where the Liza Minnelli tribute act appeared from.

Anyway, if you’re reading this to figure out whether a Eurovision act is any good, this one is good! Very good! Worth sending to the final! And after two songs that are going to blow the roof off the Pala Olimpico, it’s nice to have one that’s just a chill vibe.

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