Switzerland – Marius Bear – Boys Do Cry

Trigger Warning: Intense Yelling at Sadbois, who are sad enough and probably don’t need a mean woman compounding things




Look, I know that seems like a harsh reaction, but COME ON. This song equates a natural emotional response of children with *checks notes* disasters on the order of airplane crashes, landslides, and climate change.

Marius Bear is taking the sadboi to the extreme. Yes, boys do cry, and yes, in a world of toxic masculinity they’re sometimes told not to cry, but centering the experience of male emotions as somehow a bigger and better event than, I don’t know, women and girls crying? COME ON. There’s only one person in Switzerland who can claim that his tears are more important than everyone else’s, and that’s Gjon.

Especially when the whole things is wrapped up in a Salvador Sobral-esque jazz ballad where one word is delivered approximately every 10 seconds. What’s up with the long pauses, Switzerland? The song only has to be three minutes long!

And yes, my views may be extreme, but I would also like you to consider that Marius Bear is also releasing bear-related NFTs with this song, so not only is he singing about rivers running dry, he’s also helping to create the climate conditions where rivers do run dry. I guess he’s just generating some more natural disasters as inspiration for his next album!

The good news is that after three songs and an intro of god-knows-how-long, you can safely take a pee break here.

And to listen to a good song about the impact of gender expectations on men, I’d recommend my favourite sad man – Felix Sadman:


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