Slovenia – Disko by LPS

LPS (which stands for “Last Pizza Slice”) are probably not going to win Eurovision 2022. But do you know what they WILL win? The title of “Eurovision 2022’s Official Cinnamon Rolls.”

I mean, just look at this group of jazz band mainstays who have somehow wandered into Eurovision:

And yes, I may make jokes about their age, and how they look like they wandered into Slovenia’s national final by making a wrong turn on their way to prom, and the way that they’re going to celebrate their Eurovision experience with a blowout at Chuck E. Cheese, but despite all the jokes, their song is REALLY GOOD.

At first, it just seems like a regular old funk song, but then the song hits the bridge and the interplay of rising and falling hooks is just delightful. And then you listen more carefully and realise that there’s a lot of music in there – all those jazz band practices paid off in something that’s wonderfully layered.

The one thing that I can’t wrap my head around is that this is the story of the band’s lead singer getting dumped – not that I can’t believe he got dumped, but there’s such a relaxed vibe going through this song. If only all breakups could sound as good as this!

The other thing I love about LPS is that they’re using the Eurovision moment as a way to promote the work of other young people in Slovenia – they got one of their classmates to do the charming animated video:

The one thing I’m worried about is that the youthful, relatively unpolished appearance of LPS will ultimately work against them. Whereas other acts are traveling with entourages of stylists and publicity people, LPS seems to be just kind of doing it on their own – which is fine! You shouldn’t need a big hoopla to compete in Eurovision! But I hope that their homespun charm resonates with the voters. Imagine what a great underdog story it will be to have a group of friends from a Slovenian high school representing the world at the Eurovision final!

In short – we love them, their song is a banger, and you better rush back from your Switzerland pee break to catch them in all their awkward glory.

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