Greece – Die Together by Amanda Tenfjord


I am not the target audience for this song.

I am an old, and while I have angst, it’s mostly internally directed self-loathing and worries about lower back pain.

But this is ANGST with a capital A, with a young beautiful woman with a lovely voice musing that if she were to die with her boyfriend at this moment, they would never have to break up.

And girl? No matter how pretty this song is, HE’S NOT WORTH IT.

Seriously, Amanda Tenfjord, have you looked in a mirror lately? You can do so much better than that scrub with a boat who makes you play backgammon! (I mean, when was the last time anyone under the age of 75 played backgammon willingly?)

The only good thing about this backgammon narrative is that it leads me to another interpretation of this song:

What if “If we die together” refers to boardgames? Maybe instead of a morose wish for death, it’s about the possibility of a shared wholesome hobby being used to revive a relationship? By playing Pandemic and Azul and MicroMacro, maybe a couple can mend their differences and fall in love again.

Or maybe not. At any rate, this is a gorgeous song, with a modern tinge due to the double tracked vocals at the beginning, but it’s a song that I can’t remember after I hear it.

Based on the reaction of some Eurofans, who declared that the season was “saved” following the release of this song (note: not true), I guess that this might qualify for the final, but if it comes down to this or De Diepte? I think I’m going Dutch…


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