Iceland – Með Hækkandi Sól by Systur

Did you hear Portugal’s song and think, “Wow, I really like this vibe, but could use a little more yeehaw?”

Well, Iceland has answered your prayers!

I mean, the chorus of this song is “hush hush,” so that should give you an idea of how calming and soothing it is.

The only problem – and this is only a problem for people like me, for whom Eurovision is a full-time obsession – is that Iceland chose this very mellow group of sisters over the feminist rap collective Reykjavíkurdætur:

By the time Eurovision rolls around, I’m usually over any saltiness I may have had over losing songs in the semifinal. And Systur sound really nice! But I’m still regretting the fact that we could have had a song with lyrics that open with “bad bitch”, mention Karl Marx, claim they are both the Virgin Mary and a whore, and contains the iconic line: “Fuckboys they keep me dry like an umbrella.” Because sometimes we don’t want to hush hush! We just want to put the fuckboys (and I’m looking at all the sadbois in this competition) on notice!

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