Austria – Halo by Lum!x featuring Pia Maria

We’ve had two and a half lilting female ballads lulling us into a sense of security, which means it’s time for….A DISASTER BOP!

And when I say disaster bop, I mean that as the HIGHEST compliment.

This song has EVERYTHING:

  • A DJ with erroneous punctuation in his name
  • 150 BPM!
  • Lyrics that suggest the people enjoying this on the dance floor have aspirations to become “the boss” and “CEO”
  • A robot singer

Yes, about that last one – for some reason, rumours have started that Pia Maria is a robot. Maybe Eurofans googled her and mixed her up with Pia Maria Leberfinger, a fashion designer inspired by robots, or Dr. Maria Pia Fanti, a professor who studies robotics. Or maybe it’s that a human singer seems to be promoting a capitalist agenda under the guise of a mindless dance banger?

At any rate, this song BANGS. The lyrics are nonsensical, but who cares? This song is guaranteed to make one wake up and dance around the living room. And since it’s the only pure dance banger in semifinal 1, it’s a shoo-in for the final.

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