Denmark – The Show with Reddi

Denmark, you ALMOST had it right.

We all know that Eurovision songs have a strict time limit. Three minutes and you’re out! So why, why, why is Denmark sending a phenomenal all-lady pop punk band that …. spends more than a third of the song tinkling away with an acoustic piano ballad?

Like, I get song structure and contrast and the need to build up energy. I understand how music works.

My counterpoint is that we have been cheated out of a full minute watching this woman clearly have the time of her life on the drums.

Reddi is an amazing band. They’re fun, feminist, and full of energy. I just wish we got to see a little bit more of that in the short time that they’re on stage – especially because of the preponderance of female ballads mentioned earlier!

What’s the point of having people make erroneous claims about the Maneskin effect if the bands cited as evidence of the Maneskin effect aren’t going to rock the fuck out every second they’re on stage?

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