Croatia – Guilty Pleasure by Mia Dimšić

Okay, okay – let’s get the obvious out of the way first: Mia Dimšić’s Guilty Pleasure is very much not a guilty pleasure. It’s a wholly reasonable, entirely pleasant little earworm that has not an ounce of guilt about it. Even the music critic in The Times, who wrote a horrible review of the Eurovision album, singled this song out for special mention. It’s very Croataylor Swift.

I mean, no guilt aside from the lyrics where she’s cheating on her partner with someone else (in my head she’s cheating on Marius Bear, who is going to be doing a whole lot of crying.)

Also, as a side note – why do you care about this bland man when you’re on a tram full of supportive and hot lady friends?

Dump both of those guys and set up a tram polycule, I say!

At any rate, now that we’ve established both the bona fides of the song and Mia Dimšić’s bad taste in men, I feel like I need to point out that the second half of semifinal 1 is VERY different from the party blasts of the first. Between Saudade, Guilty Pleasure, and a bunch of songs still to come, the second half of the show is filled with beautifully performed female ballads. Like, 6 1/2 of the eight songs are of this type.

I’m a bit worried that for people who haven’t been obsessively mainstreaming Eurovision for the past few months, all of these are going to run together, so you have the woman with the harmonies, and the two women with acoustic guitars, and the women with the electric guitar, and the women with the country guitar, and the women who just sing, and at the end of the night, no one will be able to remember what’s what and who is who. Will the hook of Guilty Pleasure be enough to distinguish it? Maybe, but no guarantees!

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