Georgia – Lock Me In with Circus Mircus

Do you like Britpop? Did you spend the 1990s wishing you were Bez? Do you think Eurovision would be improved by real music – you know, with guitars? Well, congratulations – you’ve got yourself a contender! 

Look, I should love Circus Circus – and there are bits of their schtick I very much appreciate! The collective nature of the group? Their very fake backstory? The fact that they don’t really fit a genre? All fantastic. 

Unfortunately, the song just leaves me kind of cold. With the buildup of weirdness, I expected something … a lot weirder. To put it in Eurovision terms, I was expecting a Winny Puuh, and I got a Young Georgian Lolitaz (performing a song written by G:Son). I mean, this is a photo of them performing at the Espana Pre-Party:

This is edgy? Some goggles and white t-shirts? This isn’t even the edgiest look in this semi-final. Vladana looks more avant-garde than Circus Mircus when she wakes up.

Does that mean it’s a pee break? Not at all – I do expect that the stage will be covered in weird stuff that will be mildly entertaining, but ultimately not quite as weird as it could be. And again, people hearing this song without the baggage I’m bringing to it absolutely love it, so who knows?

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