Montenegro – Breathe by Vladana

TOO SOON, Montenegro. TOO SOON.

Especially because COVID’s not over. We’re going to be sitting in the arena in Turin wearing masks to avoid this plague, and I’m not very much looking forward to hearing a ballad about how the air we breathe is so important. WE KNOW, Vladana!

The one good thing about this performance is that Vladana has absolutely been killing it in the costume department, so we can all ignore the basic science lesson about respiration that Vladana is trying to teach us and look at her pretty costumes instead. 

Honestly, this is a song that I tend to skip whenever it comes on my Eurovision playlist, and this is the last chance you’ll have to pee before the recaps, so you might want to catch a glimpse of the outfit and then leave the room. 

It’s a Monteneg-NO from me, dawg.

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