Poland – River by Ochman

Can it be…that I love a sadboi song?

I mean, with the caveat that “love” means ”I’ve ranked it higher than any sadboi song on my list except for Brividi which isn’t really a sadboi anthem because it’s Mahmood.”

But Ochman has brought something to River which doesn’t really exist in other sadboi songs – a beat. It’s not quite dubstep Aram MP3, but it’s very close.

And wow, Ochman can SING. I’ve heard him perform this live and yes, his voice really can do that. The only problem is that he’s yet to sell it on stage – he gets out there and performs and it’s all voice but no emotion coming through the body. I really hope the staging can help to change that, because if he fake-cries on stage like he does on this video, the grandmas of Europe are going to be swayed.

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