Romania – Llamame by WRS

Okay, so remember how I said that Yee Haw is now guaranteed to show up in Eurovision every year? Well, so is the Baila Baila (aka Alvaro Estrella) genre. And no, just like American Yee Haw has been adopted across the continent, the Latin sounds of Baila Baila are not restricted to Spain. In fact, this year’s designated Baila Baila song comes from:

Romania! Home of … romance languages? That’s a connection, right?

This song came out and I was underwhelmed. After coming off a national final season with a bunch of Baila Baila, it sounded generic to me. But as the season continued, and I kept listening to my Eurovision playlist, I found myself singing ”Ola mi bebebe” while unloading the dishwasher, or having “Llamame llmame” running through my head on the commute.

And then I saw the video.

WRS (yes, it’s pronounced like you’re trying to speak with lockjaw) is a dynamo dancer – like the old-school, MGM style dancers who would hold his own in a Michael Kidd number. I mean, this is how good he looks just sweeping up:

So yes, I am now an unabashed fan of WRS and his talent – his genuine talent, not just his hotness.

Will the song win? Goodness no. But if every song can’t be a winner, at least we should have entertaining filler like this!

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