Estonia – Hope by Stefan

YEE HAW! Ennio Morricone, eat your heart out, because Stefan from Estonia has come to bring the spaghetti Western to Italy. 

Yes, Estonia, the land of forests and the Baltic Sea and basically about as far as you can get from the Wild Wild West. (Admittedly, in the initial post-Soviet era, Estonia was a bit of the wild wild East.)

Yee haw is now a part of Eurovision, and it is nice to see the trend moving eastward from places like The Netherlands and Germany to Estonia, especially because Stefan’s deep voice is especially yee-haw worthy. He can carry off the stoicism and squinty-eyed look required in a way that…Uku Suviste would not be able to.  Although I would note that the scene in the video where he is literally burying hope is just a little too on the nose. Boys can have emotions, but they don’t need to bash us over the head with them!

The staging in the past has involved an actual gunfight on stage, and I don’t know if that’s going to carry over to the staging here, but it’s worth watching. 

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