Estonia – Neon Letters & Maiko – Tokimeki

Maiko of Neon Letters and Maiko

Let us all raise a glass to one of the veriest bops of the Eurovision season: Tokimeki by Neon Letters and Maiko

Eesti Laul is one of the weirdest National Finals out there, what with its love of various genres and inexplicable party games, but it has a tell. Some entries are clearly getting the winner’s edit, and others, like Neon Letters & Maiko, are clearly not.

This song is an adorable BOP. To give you a sense of its potential, take a look at the extremely low-budget video made when the Eesti Laul entries were announced:

it’s joyful! It’s bouncy! It makes me want to drop everything and ride a Ferris wheel with Maiko! But none of that energy translated to their live staging, where Neon Letters & Maiko dressed in clinical white and were LITERALLY TRAPPED IN A BOX. A lightbox with hollow sides, admittedly, but something that completely constrains their energy on stage.

This song should have been a candy-coloured explosion of kawaii, and … it wasn’t. And it simply couldn’t hold its weight against the clear investment put into staging Sissi or Alika. Next year, Neon Letters & Maiko!

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