Norway – Rasmus Thall, Tresko

Rasmus Thall is DUMB.

I mean that as the highest compliment, like when RuPaul calls something stupid. Because Norway doesn’t have a great track record of doing things that are dumb! The wolves were dumb and annoying, and TIX was trying to move from the realm of dumb to something meaningful (which did not work). But this? This song is just dumb.

How dumb is it, you might ask? Rasmus arrives drunk in a clog. He sings about losing a friend because he’s too drunk to track her. He admits that he doesn’t know what the song is about but just wants to dance the night away.

And yes, Norway, yes – sometimes this is what we want! Sometimes we don’t want to have discourse about wolves from space or the damaging stereotypes of russmusik. Sometimes we just want to shut our brains off and dance! And for when we want to be dumb like that, Rasmus Thrall delivers. Such a shame that it’s not going through to the next round.

Let’s raise a glass to Rasmus! If he had his way, we’d be nine shots down before the end of the night, riding it out on a blissful haze of who cares.

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