Super Super Super Saturday!

Folks, are you ready for the first truly Super Saturday of the season? Five – yes FIVE – countries will be broadcasting Eurovision content simultaneously this Saturday, with Spain providing a little after-dinner treat later in the evening. By the end of the night, we will have three new Eurovision entries for everyone to rank on a scoreboard.

I am a veteran multi screener, but this number is too high to comfortably experience at once. (Also, I need to rest up and conserve my energy for the Sanremo marathon).

So here are my plans for the night:

  • Slovenia’s Song Reveal: SKIP. On a night with so much action, I can’t spend the time watching a fluffy documentary about Jokers Out and the development of the song. Catch it on YouTube!
  • Norway’s Melodi Gran Prix final: SKIP. Yes, this is the big show that will crown a Norwegian act for Liverpool glory. However, we’ve seen these acts before, and it’s a matter of tuning in to see if there are small tweaks to their acts. Now, Norway has broken my heart in the past two years, so I’m less emotionally invested in this year’s competition. It all seems to be coming down to Ullrikke, Jone and the Queen of Queen of Kings, so no matter what happens, 2/3 of the Eurofandom will be salty on Twitter. I will join them if Swing’It pulls a surprise victory. (Also, Jone, bring Silke on stage tonight!)
  • Pabandom Is Naujo Semi-Final 1: SKIP Do I love Ruta Mur with all my heart? Yes. Do I want to see what Alen Chicco has changed up for his second performance? Yes. Am I going to be sad to miss the unveiling of a new, uncomfortable jacket by Ramunas Zilnys? Incredibly so. But again, we’ve seen these acts and know of what they are capable. Unless Ruta Mur gets stuck in that phone booth and has to perform the entire song from there, I think the outcome is predictable here. I’ll fast forward through bits of this while I’m waiting for Benidorm Fest to start.
  • Supernova Heat 1: SECOND SCREEN WATCH Justs is returning with an inoffensive little ditty that doesn’t have the Aminata magic. RAUM is back with his good mid-2000s emo vibes. Aija is bringing some percussion that is making me curious. And Sway has a gorgeous ballad called Inspo. But the real reason I’ll be tuning in is to watch Markus Riva. Will Mr. X Factor Latvia can turn out a strong performance this year, on what is his 9th appearance on the Supernova stage? It helps that his entry this year is truly a BOP. The mood into the Eurofandom is swaying toward Sway, however – let’s see if their performance matches their studio track. (Also, it’s been years, but BRING BACK THE RIGA BEAVER!)
  • Melodifestivalen Heat 1: MAIN WATCH Look, I get the criticisms about Melfest being too slick and pre-packaged, but after the chaos that was Ireland’s Eurosong, and the sound issues with Benidorm Fest, I am very much looking forward to 90 tight minutes of competency! And this week looks to be especially competitive. Two acts will advance directly to final, two acts will go to the semi (which I still like to call Andra Chansen), and Elov and Benny will be present. This week, it’s hard to call who will go DTF. We’ve got last year’s breakout Tone Sikelius back opening the show with a dance track. LouLou Lamotte of the Mamas is letting loose with an uplifting, feel good. pop number in Swedish. Perennial Melfest favourite Jon Henrik Fjallgren will joik over an EDM beat by two bland men. Newcomer Rejhan will perform a moody ballad that stands out from the rest of the pack. The blandsome Victor Crone has a country-lite weehaw that sounds a lot better after comparing it to what won Ireland last night. But most importantly, Melfest Heat 1 has the Queens of the Night who deserve to go DTF – Eva and Ewa, two icons bringing a song about embracing life. I’m so excited to see them on the Melfest stage again, starting their journey to winning Eurovision 2023.

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