Iceland: Dilja and Power

Iceland has sent some of my favourite ever acts to the competition: Hatari, Dadi Freyr, Silvia Night.

But Dilja’s Power reminds me of none of those. Rather, it seems like a more upbeat version of Svala’s Paper:

Two talented blonde women in power suits doing some very light choreography whilst singing about relationships that made them feel bad? You can see why I’d think there was a comparison.

And I liked Svala and Paper. Just like I like Dilja and Power. But the problem is that, at the moment, there’s not a lot more to the song than a catchy hook and the enviable energy that Dilja has while rolling around on that stage. (Seriously, what vitamins is she taking and how do I get my hands on them?)

Power has, on paper, all the things that should make me love it. But in the execution, the parts don’t all come together. It’s still a little sloppy. And if Iceland is going to send sloppy, they need something more than just one tiny person running around with shoulder pads. They need a whole stage full of chaos – like Celebs from this year’s Songvakeppnin:

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