Georgia: Iru and Echo

Georgia is rapidly getting a reputation as a country that does not send what is expected. Tornike Kipiani’s serial killer anthem YOU? Circus Mircus? And this year, they’re sending a woman who won a singing competition performing Euphoria. She is bringing a song she co-wrote that is very much not the expected choice of a diva-in-training.

Echo appeals to something in my brain. There’s something about the percussive effects – the stirring of the spoon, the heavy breaths, the syllabic chanting – that just appeals to me. It reminds me in a way of Artsvik’s 2017 entry Fly With Me, except even BIGGER.

Iru has the vocals. She’s already won Junior Eurovision, and won The Voice Georgia earlier this year. She could have come with a bog-standard ballad. Instead, she’s gone for a song that feels slippery and unpredictable, with vocal and instrumental elements coming in at times when we don’t expect them.

Does it work? For me, yes. For others, no. But I would suggest that too many Eurofans are hung up on whether the vocals are in ‘proper English.’ Yes, lyrics are important, but what Iru is constructing here is not a song – it is a journey. There is a lot going in the three minutes of this song, and, quite frankly, the lyrics are the least interesting part of it. On the night, most people are probably going to be blown away by however they stage this. (I very much hope Georgia stages this well!)

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