Greece: Victor Vernicos and What They Say

So, first of all, let’s make it clear that the title of Victor Vernicos’s song is What They Say and not Whatcha Say, which is the song that runs through my head every time someone mentions this entry.

Before I preface this, I should note that Victor Vernicos is an artist who performs in the genre I dislike the most: guy with acoustic guitar. If this is your favourite type of genre, you will probably like this song very much!

As for me, there are things that I like about this song:

  1. Victor Vernicos is clearly talented. At age 16, he’s written the lyrics and music to a song that will appear at Eurovision!
  2. He’s got a very distinctive voice that is nice to listen to
  3. He can perform it very well, probably because he wrote the songs that he’s performing!

I am hoping that something about this will be transformed when I see it live. I think there’s the potential to have a real moment on stage. But until that time, the song just does not connect with me. I enjoy it while it’s on my playlists, and forget it when it’s over. And I hope that Victor Vernicos comes back with a better song in about 10 years.

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