Germany: Lord of the Lost and Blood and Glitter

Germany, THANK YOU.

This year’s German selection had a wildcard finalist who was basically a shock-jock bringing a joke song. And there was a lot of fear that he could win!

But instead, the German public got it together and are sending Hamburg-based metal outfit Lord of the Lost.

And all I can say is YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS. I mean, these lyrics:

Blood and glitter
Sweet and bitter
We’re so happy we could die
Blood and glitter
Saint and sinner
We do fall before we rise

My inner Hot Topic goth is screaming right now. The juxtaposition of blood and glitter? It’s two of my favourite things all swirled up into one larger glam package.

And Lord of the Lost is metal metal – singer Chris Harms can sing, but there are yells and growls and all sorts of guttural noises being made over a hooky guitar riff. I will need to invest in some glasses chains so that mine don’t go flying as I’m headbanging my way through this song.

But the music isn’t the only reason I love Lord of the Lost. ESC Deutschland posted a series of videos where Chris Harms reacts to Eurovision songs, and they are well worth a watch. Not only is he dryly funny, but he also provides a good analysis from the perspective of a music producer. He’s polite and intelligent and insightful, and it’s such a delight to hear.

Finally, I just want to leave you with this image of Lord of the Lost meeting King Charles:

Chris Harms shaking hands with King Charles

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  1. I just love LOTL so much. I love that their Instagram has been them bigging up the other artists. I love that they are *literally* on their way to South America to do a tour, and then flying back to the UK for Eurovision, and then back on tour afterwards throughout the rest of the year without a moment to catch a breath, and I love that they have the most un-metal merchandise ever, dip dye comfy tracky bottoms, t shirt and matching hoodie in pastel shades? You got it! Lord Of The Lost logo but with cartoon cats? Sure thing! I’m not even making this up, this is legit LOTL merch you can buy from their website!

    They’re just proof that metal dudes, despite initial appearances, can be some of the sweetest cinnamon rolls of people around!


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