Serbia – Nova Deca


First of all, a hat tip to Jeroen from Eurovision Division for his stellar investigative reporting in determining the whereabouts of Sanja Ilic. Sanja Ilic, for those non-Eurovision obsessives, is the lead guy in Serbia’s entry, Sanja Ilic & Balkanika. Sanja Ilic was on stage when this song qualified from Serbia, but then got booted from his own band in favor of another floaty female backup singer to add the “Naaaaaaaaaaaahs” which give this song its hook.

But all that matters in this song is Flute Gandalf. He hides behind the bridge, much like a troll, for most of the song, and I wish that they let him roam around more, holding his flute and spreading his arms wide like he’s welcoming Europe to Middle Earth.

As for the song – well, as I said, it’s floaty. And ethereal. I can imagine this going down a treat as post-joust entertainment at the local Renaissance fair, but it’s just not quiiiiiiiite good enough to make it onto my list. Pee break if you can.

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