Estonia – Drop That Boogie

Look, I get why everyone lost their heads over Elina and her opera performance, okay? But when I think about Eesti Laul 2018, I’m going to remember the complete infectious fun of Iiris and Agoh’s Drop That Boogie. It maybe shouldn’t have won the entire competition (there were about five songs in that final that I really loved and any one of them would have made me happy, including the completely ineligble reprise of Verona), but it’s a strong contender.

Iiris may dress like a boss (that suit!) but behind the exterior bravado, she’s a mess – “Trynna act so gangsta/But I know that they anime.” She didn’t get the job, she’s unsure about her girlfriend, she’s likely going to be spending the evening doing drugs…but despite all that, Iiris endorses the power of a good banger to make us feel better.

The one quibble I have with this performance is that we don’t get to see Agoh, the most adorkable music producer in the business. The main promo picture for this song featured him holding a potted plant like he was awkwardly delivering a housewarming gift, for goodness sake.

Listen. Put this on a playlist. Take its advice. The next time you feel depressed, just drop that boogie, okay? (And also talk to someone and investigate if antidepressants and talk therapy are the right course of treatment for you, okay? But only after you are done dancing.)

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