Lithuania – More Than You Know

I dare you to try to listen to Gerai Gerai and Silvija Pankunaite’s infectious concoction More Than You Know and not spend the next week hooting “Oooh ooh Oooh ooh ooh ooh ooh Oooh oooh More Than You Know” at the most inopportune moments. And you know what? This song is so good you won’t even care how embarrassing that can be. I don’t know how it manages to mix electronic beats with plaintive big notes with an earworm of a chorus, but I’m glad that Gerai Gerai threw this wonderful melange together.

And all of that happens before the outfits! Gerai Gerai is the electroclash polar bear I never knew I needed to cuddle! Silvija is all business in this performance, before changing into a costume worthy of Zelda for the final performance. And yes, those are Beyonce Lemonade hats on the backup dancers.

Fun fact: If you want to know what Baltic women to watch in Eurovision, look at Gerai Gerai’s YouTube page. He’s worked with Ieva, remixed Aminata, and has a steady stream of divas with which he has collaborated.

His work is also available on Spotify, which is great for working with a blissed out ambient chill in the background (especially for when you aren’t feeling blissed out)

Next year, Electroclash Polar Bear! Next year!

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