Estonia – Wild Unknown Thing

Remember Iiris, from this year’s Eesti Laul? Her lazy rap about wanting to just dance? Well, she’s making good on that promise with her new song, Wild Unknown Thing, where she’s working off the aftermath of a night in the club with an impromptu dance in her local bodega (Brockley, represent!)

I think this song is lots of fun, but tend to like it more than most because it’s filmed in South London, not far from my patch, and so many of the sites in it are familiar. Iiris attended the local Goldsmith’s University for music production, and I’m betting that she filmed in the local area because she’s spent many night doing exactly what she portrays in her videos.

The best part of the video is when some clueless guy walks past Iiris in full dance mode, not realising that he’s being filmed in a video celebrating the virtue of not giving a damn where and when and how you dance.


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