Sweden – Liar

2017 Swedish contestant Robin Bengtsson is back with a brand new song called Liar, and I think right away that we can all note that the name of this song is pretty accurate because there’s no way that Robin Bengtsson knows how to play guitar. His hands were made for holding microphones and vaguely gesturing towards the camera in something that may be lewd or may be dorky. We just don’t know!

So aside from the fact that the song’s title is a 100% true description of Robin Bengtsson, it’s actually really good. I mean, it’s Swedish, so it’s going to be an absolute banger. Plus, Robin throws in a bunch of “Whoa-oh-oh-oh-ohs”, which are the best.

The one issue I have with this song is what it says about the trend of heterosexual relationships for men in Sweden. Looking at Robin, Benjamin, Felix – even going all the way back to Frans – all of them are singing about women who have done them wrong. And yet, if you look at female Swedish artists like Ace Wilder and Jessica Andersson and Renaida and Margaret (yes, fine, she’s Polish), all of them have fun songs about parties and having a good time. What’s going on, Swedish men? Do you perhaps need to take a break and maybe just spend some time working on yourselves?

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