Estonia – Thousand Words

You know all those people you talk to who are like, “Ugh, there’s no good rock at Eurovision! It’s all people who can’t sing wearing silly costumes.” And then you spill your coffee all over yourself as a chance to get out of that conversation? Yeah. Me too.

But if I were sticking around to talk to them, I’d change their minds by playing them some Sibyl Vane.

Sibyl Vane are an Estonian rock band with an honest to goodness album on vinyl and band t-shirts that wouldn’t look out of place at Glastonbury (the festival for people who like to pretend they are serious fans of music but haven’t listened to anything outside of a strict rock wheelhouse for at least 15 years). And their music is good. Really good! It’s danceable bangers with hooks, but it’s also something that your dad would enjoy. (Father’s Day present sorted. You can thank me later.) And while the lead singer’s red hat is distinctive, it’s not so outlandish that it looks Eurovision-y, or, as I like to say, what I wore to work on Tuesday.

Now, some of those folks who might be mildly savvy to this will point out that Sibyl Vane did not win Estonia’s Eesti Laul competition, but that doesn’t mean that rock doesn’t have a place in Eurovision. They came through pretty high! People loved them! And you should too.

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