Slovenia – Back to Being Me

Lea Sirk, she of the surprising (but completely deserved) qualification at Eurovision, with a song she wrote in ten minutes, is back* with a song in English called Back to Being Me.

And like Hvala Ne! the song immediately catches one’s attention because of its really interesting percussion line. Indeed, at moments, the line seems deliberately off the beat, so kudos to her producers.

The song itself is okay – it’s not quite as sassy as I’ve come to expect** from Sirk, but it’s a passable summer distraction – something I’d happily hum along to at a barbecue.

Look, I’m still not over the World Cup glut, okay? It’s almost Pride in the UK and I really want to concentrate on all the fierce anthems that should be coming out around now and instead all I have is footbsll football football and an unsettling awareness of Three Lions that I never seemed to have before.

*Not really back because this song actually came out in April, before Eurovision, but it’s new to me, okay?

**Come to expect based on one song, I know – if the first Lea Sirk I had heard had been, for example, Tako Je, I don’t know whether I would be quite so enthusiastic.

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